We Put Our Client's Wellness First

David Aaron Cooper, B.A., Reiki Master

Sensitive and caring, David brings a compassionate and understanding approach to his clients. He strives to help people realize their ambitions and potentials, and is results-oriented, working towards achievable goals that last.
For the past 2 years, David has been working in palliative care, helping people with life-threatening illnesses, and has seen remarkable results. He has experience helping people with cancer, heart disease, ALS, multiple system atrophy, as well as those with pain and suffering, fatigue, weakness, and shortness of breath. In this time, he has also helped bring to people joy, hope, and renewed confidence, and truly feels that there is no problem too big or too small. Your happiness is his happiness.
David brings a holistic approach to healing, which consists not only of the various aspects comprising a person’s make up (body, mind, spirit), but also includes factors outside of the individual, such as friends and family, community and culture.
David’s biggest pleasure is in working with people on a spiritual level. Not satisfied with simply relieving people’s afflictions, he aims to guide and equip them to realize their dreams and live their truer lives, in happiness and peace.
David has an unusual approach to Reiki that is different to most. He does not touch or use hand-positions. During a session, clients sit comfortably in a chair, not lying down, and by completion, most people report feeling very relaxed.
David’s gift is unique, and often brings rapid and gratifying results to most people he sees. He invites you to give it a try, and looks forward to meeting you.



Therapist Qualifications

  Licensed Holistic Practitioner with the City of Toronto
  Registered Practitioner in Good Standing with the Canadian Reiki Association
  5 years of experience as a Certified Master Level Reiki Practitioner

Contact David via email at david@northtorontohealth.com.



Developed almost a century ago in Japan by Mikao Usui, Reiki is thought to be an ancient healing art, rediscovered by Usui, while he was in Tibet.
Comprised of the Japanese words rei (“spirit, divine”) and ki (“Life, life energy”), Reiki roughly translates as “divinely-guided life-force energy,” and is transmitted through the practitioner to the recipient.
As a non-invasive energy-based modality, Reiki enhances and accelerates the recipient’s innate healing ability, by providing the energetic tonic the recipient requires, and is often thought of as energy medicine.
In spite of its simplicity, Reiki often yields very powerful health and wellness benefits, and usually leaves its recipients pleasantly surprised.