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Vivian Liu, RMT

Vivian graduated from Royal Canadian College of Massage Therapy where she gained solid theoretical and practical knowledge.

After more than four years' practice in rehabilitation facilities and multidisciplinary clinics, she has polished her techniques involving clinically effective assessment skills and manipulation of soft tissues and body joints to offer significant physiological effects in muscular, cardiovascular,lymphatic and nervous systems.

Vivian specializes in deep tissue workout, pre and postnatal tension relief, sports massage and lymphatic drainage. She also offers stress-unwinding therapeutic techniques such as aromatherapy, scalp acupressure, and hot stone. She is also knowledgeable with acupuncture , cupping and Guasha (bladder meridian scraping).

Her clientele comes from a variety of backgrounds, from students and office white collars who get stuck sitting hours per day to get their muscles hypertonic, or hardware technicians or construction workers who keep walking on their feet long time each day, to seniors and MVA victims who suffer from postsurgery or traumatic injury. No matter they walk in for medical concerns or just shedding their stress off, Vivian can always guarantee them walking out smiling.

She works towards individual-tailored problem-solving philosophy so that the treatment principle only fits individual you, no matter the pain acute or chronic, whenever the yucky tension stands out bugging. Vivian holds the belief that integrity of healing hands and caring minds leads to delivering optimal health.

Therapist Qualifications

  Registered Massage Therapist